Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Just Nan SAL

Tomorrow is really the day to post for the Just Nan SAL that Zeb is hosting , you can take a look at her blog if you're interested in joining.
I chose Side By Side Parts 1 & 2 to stitch, but only stitched part 1 for this month since I was stitching other pieces. I will continue with part 2 for Febuary, then get into the rest of of the JN stash.
With the SAL's I've joined this year, I'm hoping to get quite a bit of stitching done this year. Well here is part 1. Sorry the pic isn't very good.



Zeb said...

Beautiful! This design is on my wishlist :)

Really looking forward to seeing this one completed!

Maria del Valle said...

It looks very pretty!
Thank you by your kind words.

Brenda said...

Oh I have that in my stash!! I too want to stitch it. In fact, I gifted it to my BF long ago to stitch up as well.

Beautiful stitching hon!


Angi said...

So very pretty!!

Sarah H said...

That's lovely!

Nicola said...

Beautiful stitching!