Thursday, December 26, 2013

My 2014 SAL's

I've decided to join some SAL's this year.Hopefully I haven't over extended myself and I can get a little more stitching done.
The first one is the Just Nan SAL, Zeb is hosting this and you can read about it in a older post or go over to her blog for more information.     
I have Side by Side Parts 1&2 that I will start on Jan.1.and stitch, then I have several smaller designs that I can stitch once this is finished.I've had this design for about 4 years so it's time I stitched it.

The other SAL is Smalls SAL and is being hosted by Silverlotus , go by and check it out.I have a few small pieces I've had laid aside to stitch but haven't got around to so maybe this will help motivate me to get them finished.

The next one is hosted by Mel , you can read all about it on her blog. It's Stitch From Stash. I have alot of things in the basket waiting to be stitched so I'm going to do this year.

I skipped last  year but think I'm going to do TUSAL this year.You can go to Daffycat blog to join or read more about the SAL.

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