Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Works In Progress

I used to never stitch more than one project at a time but in the last few years I've been doing more than one. Right now I'm stitching three. Actually two of them are cross stitch and the other is beading. I've been stitching probably about 30 years or longer and have never stitched a Heaven and Earth Design.But I saw a design that I kept looking at, so decided I had to do it. It is called French Filigree and I'm stitching it on 25ct. over 1 using 1 strand of silk thread from Vicki Clayton. There was a glare when I took the pic of the wip, so it looks like a spot on the fabric.

The other WIP is  Mirabilia Design. Before last year I hadn't stitched one of these designs either. A lady approached me about stitching a piece for her and it was Enchanted Mermaid. After I stitched that I wanted to stitch something for myself. I found Lady of the Mist. I'm stitching it on 32ct (can't remember color) over 2 using recommended threads.

The pic should of been rotated but for some reason didn't .

The beading piece I'm doing is a Waterhouse. I'm doing it in brick stitch using delica beads.

For some reason this didn't rotate either.

I need to have more hours in the day to do my stitching,

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