Monday, April 29, 2013

A Few Finishes

 I've got a few finishes to show. It seems lately that it takes me forever to finish even the smallest piece. This was a kit that was given to me and I decided to stitch it even though I wasn't quite in the mood.I'm not a big fan of kits and this was stitched with a lot of half stitches. Should of went faster than it did.  Anyway I gave it to my daughter. She is redoing a room and has some prints that this will go with nicely.

 This is a little kit my daughter gave me at Christmas that I'm just now doing. It's called Sapphire Snow, a Mill Hill Kit.
It went pretty well except for Sophie wanting to sit in my lap with the beads.

And finally this one, seems I've been beading more. This is called Pineapple Lace.
I ordered the pattern and kit from

Hopefully I will feel like stitching before long, I have so much waiting in my basket, Good thing I haven't bought anything new.


Deb said...

Even though you weren't thrilled with your stitched piece, it is really nice. As are your beading projects. They look so complicated.

Wendy said...

such wonderful eye candy! the top stitching is beautiful, I love it. I also love your beaded pieces. In crochet the pineapple motif is used a lot, especially in doilies