Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Emerald Mermaid

This is the piece I told you about in the previous post. It is the Emerald Mermaid by Mirabilla.I stitched this for a girl in Ga. She said she had everything to stitch it as she had tried but didn't get the hang of it. I had to change the fabric and I only had antique white linen. Even though it should of been on darker fabric I think it turned out very pretty.
I heard from Stephanie when she received it and shes happy with it.

I'm trying to finish up a SAL that I started earlier in the year. I'm on the last part, also working on a beaded  ornament. 


Donna G. said...

How pretty! Glad to see you're stitching.....unlike me. I think I have only finished one piece this year besides the model stitch piece I did. Started working on a WIP last weekend and discovered that I had miscounted! I put that away to deal with on another day.

We need to do coffee and catch up. Maybe mid-November or early December? Where has the year gone?

Pam Kellogg said...

Gorgeous Shelia! I stitched one Mirabilla, Santa's Magic. It's my favorite piece by Nora.