Thursday, October 13, 2011

Star Sampler Finished

Well, I have finished the sampler. I like how it turned out, now to decide how to frame it.

I'm got part 6 finished of the mystery SAL with Carol , it's coming along good. I need to stain my box and decide what to do on the inside as far as finishing it.  Here it is so far
The Tree of Life SAL is coming along as well, I've completed three pages and getting ready to do page 4.

That's about it for now. I'm ready to start page 4 and am working on the last two parts of the Romantique Sampler. 


Donna G. said...


I LOVE the samplers and the mystery SAL! I'm still working on my "model stitching" project but hope to have it wrapped up by the end of next week. Then I have to decide what I want to start stitching!! BTW, I now have a blog
- take a look. Maybe we can get together some time in the next few weeks.

Babs in Alabama said...

I love that Star Sampler, Sheila. And that tree of life is amazing; can't wait to see finish on it as well as the other one. It's almost there :)