Sunday, January 31, 2010


I joined  Please Pass the Biscornu this year. We are to exchange a biscornu every month  for the year. I can now post a pic of the one I did for January since my parnter has received hers.I did one from  Alexandrina's blog.

Here is the one I received from Mayt'e. It is very pretty . She added beads and a cute little flower button.
She also put both our initials and the year on the back of it.

 I bought this basket at a craft festival. I thought it would hold all the biscornu's from the exchange.I have about 2 or 3 small ones filled with biscorn's I have made for myself already.  

I have to get started on the  Febuary  biscornu now.


stitchinfiend said...

Beautiful biscornu's and lovely bowl for them.

Donna G. said...

Nice work!