Monday, December 28, 2009

Never Say Never..

About 3 years ago our family pet had to be put to sleep, she had a tumor that was cancer and it had ruptured. She was miserable and no sense in her suffering.  My husband and I decided since the kids were gone we wouldn't have any more pets. Well, we ended up keeping our granddaughters dog for a weekend 4 years ago and she hasn't went home yet, so I guess you could say she is ours now. Then our neighbor adopted a lab from someone moving and it didn't work out for him with his other dogs and the lab took up with my husband, so there's another one.OK, no more animals. Welllll, he got me a 6week chichuahua for Christmas. We went from 1 dog to 3 dogs now. She is so cute and hard to resist.My granddaughter helped name her and she is called Sophie.      

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Janaina said...

OMG,Sophie couldn't be more adorable!!!!
Hugs from Brazil!